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Work with me

Work with me

According to surveys 80% of people choose independent travel  out of  that them 50% looks for travel inspiration on travel blogs.Bloggers are considered a reliable source of up to date information and are valued for the real life experience. Travelers can identify with bloggers, receive relevant information that are valued more than information from a classic tourist brochures.

972854_10201779484913878_943958040_nExplore Croatia is founded by Andrea Stefanac in spring 2014. Andrea had this idea for long time and now finally decided to realize it. She’s a passionate photographer who loves to travel, capture every moment of it and then complete it all in a beautiful story everyone can identify with. Andrea is available for press trips, partnerships, reviews, sponsorships.  She can introduce your brand to her readers and followers before, during and after the experience through blog and social channels and you can be sure people who are truly interested in travelling will get to know about it. Working with Andrea guarantees a professional and truthful review according to her experience with your product or brand.

The partnerships might include accommodations, tours, activities, transportations, food experience, gears, books and anything else travel-related that would be interested for the readers.

P.S  I am not English native speaker so please do not mind the occasional little mistakes that  can pull through texts 🙂   If you wanna share your posts with me feel free to contact me 🙂

What I read

Here are some great blogs I enjoy reading

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